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E Washakie St Meridian, ID Window & door replacement

835 E Washakie St Meridian, ID

Looking for window replacement options in Boise, ID? Check out this project!

At 835 E Washakie St Meridian, ID, we replaced 21 windows & 1 glass door:

  • 7 Double Hung

  • 3 2-lite-sliders

  • 9 picture windows

  • 2 specialty (half eyebrows)

  • 1 Sliding Glass Door

At Performance Windows we take pride in offering BOTH the highest quality windows and doors!

Replacement window cost?

22 windows can be expensive. However, when a homeowner is willing to be one of our "Advertised Homes" they can receive a large discount! Also, with our finance programs anyone can afford our windows.

Did we mentione they are also almost always substantially cheaper than other big name window brands?

FREE Window quotes

Ready to upgrade your windows in the Boise area to a more modern look & higher energy efficiency? Don't wait, contact us now for your free estimate!

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